Noah’s Catering Corp. is a young and innovative company dedicated
to catering services for the hospitality, film industries, and private events.


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Film, Hospitality & Event Catering

Noah’s Catering Corp. is a young and innovative company dedicated to catering services for the hospitality & film industries as well as private events. They have extensive experience and are fully dedicated to giving their best in each of their projects. Leading with passion and dedication, they have managed to conquer the demanding palates of all their clients.

Noah’s Catering’s primary goal is to provide client satisfaction. It takes on each event as a challenge. They become familiar with their clients and their needs. Seeing their client’s happy is their greatest reward.
The company has been providing hospital catering for years covering fellowship meetings, conferences, anniversaries, and other special events and are also experienced in the entertainment industry. Noah’s Catering offers the best service suited to your needs.

Film Catering

All team members are highly trained professionals with many years of experience in catering, specifically for the entertainment industry. They are well versed in this industry and its scheduling requirements. In addition, they are aware of the varied food options that are presented on a film set. Therefore, in their menus they always consider varieties suitable for vegetarians, vegans, Kosher, gluten, and other types of allergens.
They use natural and organic products of the best quality. They strictly control hygiene before and after food preparation, especially due to the current health environment.
Their clients can completely rely on their quality of service since each of their client’s well-being and satisfaction are their top priority.

What We Offer

Fresh Ingredients

Tasty Meals

Creative Plates

Delicious Breaks

Special Diets Meals

Authentic Chefs


“A Great Find”

We used Noah’s Catering for the magazine’s 5th anniversary! Their food was amazing, the employees were very professional and friendly, and Lucia paid attention to every detail. I highly recommend Noah’s Catering for any event.

Laura S.
Editor Portal Magazine NY





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